The Bridge Church August 22, 2018

Why Should I Join a Group?

Author – Jenna Goldsmith

When we’re young, making friends comes so easily, but as an adult there is actual effort that needs to take place to maintain friendships. We make excuses or make ourselves too busy. “Let’s get together sometime” turns into a game of tag that has no follow through. Why not follow through and get together with a group this fall?

Say you go to church once a week, and you experience the intense burst of the feelings that comes with being around other believers. You come in pretending not be be weighed down by the world. You get refreshed by the worship and convicted by the sermon. You feel God’s overwhelming love through the other believers you encounter from entering and exiting. You leave glowing. Then you wake up Monday morning remembering everything that weighed you down. You get into the Word, most days, when you make the time, but part of you is counting the days until Sunday so you can feel the joy that it brings.

Groups can save marriages and correct lies the devil has embedded into our hearts. When you join a group of other believers, the light begins to cleanse the darkness of your life. It opens your eyes that you are not alone. One couple turned to their group during a time of crisis in their lives. Going below the line of shame, they shared their struggles and deep sin that was tearing their marriage apart. Instead of rejection, they were met with acceptance and love. Freedom was felt through their confessions.

“Because of the group and how they were consistently pouring into us every week, we got that consistent reminder every week that you are a child of God, you are loved, you are not your sin, you are not your brokenness, you are not the crisis that you’re going through, and so because of that, we felt hope. We felt, okay, I think we’re going to make it. We’re going to be okay.” – Jennifer

Through the trials and triumphs of life, your group is there. There to pray, weep, laugh with you. Like when your oven breaks and the financial ends just are not meeting the way you need them to. Groups are there to band together and surround you with love and support, and sometimes surprise you with a new oven.

Sometimes in seasons of waiting, it can be lonely. You can feel defeated. The devil likes to isolate us and make us feel like we’re all alone in our pain and struggles. He falsely convinces us to remain quiet and alone because no one cares or understands. He makes us feel shame and fear judgement. This is where community becomes life changing.

Often going through a study with a group of believers can open your heart and mind to other points of view that can bring healing into your life. The healing can be through discussing hardships and tearing the walls down to get vulnerable with others. Or sometimes healing can mean letting yourself have a night of fun with friends.

Some groups are for a season. Maybe you’re interested in doing a study to help deepen your understanding of God. You’ll make lovely friends that assist you in your search to better your relationship with God, and impact your life for the better.

“I’m a single mom and one family from our small group sent me the SWEETEST Mother’s Day card with tickets to Kentucky Kingdom and a check for hotel, food, and gas. My small group family is the BEST!” -Leah

When you start doing life with a group, they become family. It becomes non-negotiable to get the kids loaded up to go spend time with these people. These people are as invested in your life as you are in theirs. If you miss the weekly meeting, you find a way to get coffee or something to make sure time was spent with your people. Even when we take times of rest, these are the people that you feel more rested when you’re spending time together.

No matter what you’re facing, try a group. Join in on the fun, the healing, the community that comes from being with a group of believers.

Groups will be launching the first week of September.
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