The Bridge Church November 12, 2019

Spring Hill Expansion

The time has come and we couldn’t be more excited to open our Spring Hill expansion! Here are the key dates you want to be aware of: 

December 15, 2019 — New Service Times at Spring Hill and Columbia. 9:30a & 11:15a. This will be the soft opening of our Spring Hill expansion and the first Sunday we get to worship in the new auditorium!

January 5, 2020 — Spring Hill Expansion Grand Opening! Invite your friends as we celebrate the work God is doing in our midst!

We’ve included two helpful graphics below that show the layout of the new building as well as the flow of parking (zoom in for details).


  1. Does this apply to Columbia? Absolutely. For both campuses, beginning December 15th, our service times will be 9:30a & 11:15a. This helps keep our communication clear and avoid any confusion as far as what our service times are.
  2. Why 11:15am? This one is pretty simple. We will be parking a lot more cars and this will help us be able to clear the parking lot in between our two prime time services so those coming to the 11:15 can have a great parking experience.
  3. What about the PMs? We are a church that believes in strategic simplicity and don’t want to launch PM services just because we want to, we want to launch because we need to. We have an “attend one, serve one” model for our volunteers and launching with two morning services helps us achieve that. So — here’s our encouragement to you. If you want them back, invite your friends. Invite your neighbors. Invite your coworkers. Invite that person at the gym you keep running into. If people keep coming, we will keep adding. We will never turn people away, we will make room for as many people to come to know God as possible.
  4. Where will students meet? Bridge Students have access to the entire building on Wednesday nights. Specifically, for local nights our students will meet in the Theater and for The X they will meet in the new Auditorium.

As we start this new journey, we are so expectant of what God is going to do in the season ahead. Remember that this is not the finish line, but the starting line.

If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]