No More Fatherless is multiplying.

Since 2017, we have seen God do incredible things through No More Fatherless, and we are excited to announce that starting in 2021, No More Fatherless will become its own licensed 501(c)(3) nonprofit. It will continue its mission to end physical and spiritual fatherlessness, but the impact will be multiplied with a new vision for it to empower and equip the Church to care for the orphan.

The mission of No More Fatherless is greater than one church—we want to see it multiply. No More Fatherless is getting a new number as we set out to see the next 100 churches join us in the mission in years to come.


In 2017, No More Fatherless began with four lanes in which we sought to see an end to spiritual and physical fatherless: 20 churches planted in Central and South America, 50 kids adopted in our church, 200 unborn lives saved through a local crisis pregnancy center, and 10,000 reached with the gospel in Bridge services through the expansion of our Spring Hill location.

God has moved incredibly in three years. Here’s the stories of what he has done.


With your help, we set out to fully fund missionaries from The Bridge to plant over 20 churches in South and Central America over 3 years. We have seen God do immeasurably more than we asked or expected; we have seen over 680 churches planted in Central and South America through our missions partners that have resulted in over 12,000 people making decisions for Christ. 


With your help, we paid off the mortgage of the Pregnancy Centers of Middle Tennessee, eliminating a burden for them that will enable them to continue their life-saving work, saving over 200 unborn lives from abortion in the coming years. 354 families have been served, plus over 200 returning for prenatal, parenting, and budgeting classes at the Pregnancy Centers of Middle Tennessee.


With your help, we formed a No More Fatherless adoption grant  designed to help the next 50 families seeking adoption in our church see it through to reality. Since 2017, we have been able to mobilize $114,500 toward adoptions and see 15 children brought home into their forever families. We will continue to build this fund to see dozens of kids brought into Bridge families in the coming years. 


With your help, we were able to  open our 1,100-seat auditorium at our Spring Hill location in January 2020, which includes additional Kids and Student ministry space and parking, setting us up to see over 10,000 people adopted by God in the coming years through The Bridge. Our Spring Hill location will be a launchpad for church planters and missionaries all around Tennessee and beyond. 


If your family is in the adoption process and you’re interested in applying for the No More Fatherless adoption grant, we would love to connect with you and see how we can support your family in the adoption journey! Please apply below and we’ll reach out promptly.


For more information on adoption or foster care, or to get involved in ministry opportunities with No More Fatherless, click below.