Helping students know God, find freedom, discover calling, and make a difference.


We meet on Wednesday nights for our student worship gathering from 6:30p-8:00p for students in 6th-12th grade. We have dynamic worship, student-relevant Bible teaching, and gender & grade-specific small groups led by adults every week.


Bridge Students seeks to take worship seriously as a time for students to engage with the Creator of the universe through singing. We know the way we worship is always different, but we also know that when we have knowledge of something that is amazing, and life changing, we celebrate every way we possibly can.


Student Ministries are often moralistic with their message embodying some version of, “be a good kid, not a bad kid.” Not us. Our goal is to form the heads, hearts, and hands of our students with the gospel, avoiding the ditches on either side of it – religion and irreligion.


Most students are not saved. And most people who are saved, were saved by God’s grace during their student ministry years. Knowing that “the field is white for the harvest, Bridge Students will be aggressively evangelistic, calling students to respond to the gospel message in faith for salvation. Our desire is to create a great ingathering of students who respond in faith and repentance to the gospel message.


We believe that God will use the words and songs from corporate worship to start conversations with students and we want to provide a place to facilitate these conversations. Gender & grade specific small groups is where this happens. Students gather in circles with 6-12 of their peers and talk about the message and what God is doing in their lives.


The Bible’s theology of the family doesn’t include church age-graded ministries as a child’s primary spiritual influence. The family is. Biblically, parents are a student’s primary Youth Pastor and Kids Minister. With this theology of the family in mind, Bridge Students will seek a partnership relationship with parents to help equip and resource them, so they can be an encouragement to their students, rather than seeking to lone-wolf it in shaping our students.


Every year our Bridge Students offers two opportunities for students to develop spiritual depth and community through our annual retreats. We do an annual Middle School and High School retreat and have a blast at our Bridge Students Summer Camp!

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We send out a weekly Parent Update of everything that is going on in our ministry.