Groups at The Bridge have one simple purpose

to bring people together to find freedom and take next steps


We know meaningful relationships can be hard to find, so Groups exist to make life-changing relationships relevant and accessible.

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At The Bridge Groups are a
Spiritual Family who


We want groups to be a place where we build up, cheer on, and love others. We were all created for meaningful relationships that push us towards Christ. It is genuinely impossible to live out the dozens of “one another” passages in the Bible apart from Community.


This is what differentiates our groups from your neighborhood supper club. God most reveals Himself through His word and it is the primary means of grace He has given us for spiritual growth. We want to make sure every group is digging into the Bible weekly


God has established prayer as the means by which we receive His supernatural help. This is why prayer is a central part of all our groups and where we see the life changing power of Jesus displayed.

Next Steps

Following Jesus is a journey. There is a definite starting point, but every step of the way is important. Groups at The Bridge help us take our next spiritual step.

socializing after church
Lead a Community Group

Leading a Community Group is not about being perfect; it’s about serving others by pointing them to Christ and giving them a place to connect in lasting relationships. We will give you the training and tools to make your Group a success. If you love Jesus, believe in the mission and vision of The Bridge Church, and want to help others grow in Christ we would love to talk with you about leading a Community Group.