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Bridge LEAD

Bridge LEAD is our leadership development pipeline that gives every Bridge volunteer an opportunity to be developed and empowered through a Ministry Team.


Every Bridge volunteer has the opportunity to be a part of Bridge LEAD. In our view, leadership development and discipleship are not two separate things, but one. We want each person to grow from leading themselves to leading others, and eventually to leading leaders and networks. Through Bridge LEAD people will be able to receive coaching and investment while being challenged to become a better leader in both ministry and their marketplace roles.

There are six primary levels of a Bridge LEAD:


people in the church, not serving, learning to lead self



people serving on a ministry team leading others



people serving on a ministry team by leading leaders



paid staff leading teams of leaders


Department Head

people leading entire departments/networks


Campus Pastor

people who oversee and lead an entire campus

Inside of these levels are other opportunities to be invested in and grow as a leader and disciple of Jesus. We will have opportunities for people who are serving on our ministry teams to "opt in" to Bridge LEAD by wanting to grow into higher levels of leadership by becoming a coach, intern, full time ministry resident, and volunteer staff positions.

Interested in Bridge LEAD?

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