The Bridge Church is led by an incredible team of some of the most gifted, creative, winsome, and hard-working people around.

Craig McKown

Executive Pastor of Staff Leadership

Stone Meyer

Executive Pastor of Worship & Creative

Kris Dolberry

Pastor | Spring Hill

Charlie George

Pastor | Columbia

Rob Turner

Director of Discipleship & Training

Taylor Agan

Worship Director

Savannah Ansett

Creative Project Manager

Bethany Armstrong

People Operations Director

Diana Atansio

Communications Coordinator

Hannah Beadle

Kids Director | Spring Hill

Ashlee Bowen

Resident | Bridge Students

Angie Brady

Finance Coordinator

Bill Buckingham

Associate Pastor | Spring Hill

Kelly Cleckler

Resident | Missions

Liz Craig

Central Coordinator

Justin Crutchfield

Production Director

Haley Davenport

Resident | Connections

Nathan Doverspike

Resident | Kids

Freddy Erazo

Connections Director | Spring Hill

Joy Fitterer

Missions Director

Kellie Gamble

Worship Director | Spring Hill

Crosby Hinze

Resident | Bridge Students

Isaac Kierstead

Associate Kids Director | Spring Hill

Rachel Kierstead

Communications Director

Holly Marcario

Kids Volunteer Coordinator

Stephanie Michaud

Location Admin | Spring Hill

Pam Pedrick

Age-Graded Admin

Tristen Peters

Kids Director | Columbia

Jess Russ

Resident | Worship

Bryan Robison

Worship Coordinator

Michelle Settle

People Operations Admin

Jared Shingleton

Students Director | Columbia

Judd Smith

Facilities Director

Jalen Sowell

Students Director | Spring Hill

Chris Tafoya

Digital Content Specialist

Andy Walker

Music Director

Bruce Walker

Connections Director | Columbia

Mason Wheeler

Video Coordinator

Becky Wilhite

Database Administrator