The Bridge Church June 17, 2020

Regathering | July 12 – General FAQ

Bridge Family,  

The last few months have been nothing short of momentous. Since moving online in March, The Bridge has continued to reach thousands of people online, gathered in watch parties all over the country, and most recently, multiplied into ten physical locations around our communities. We can never say thank you enough for the way you’ve engaged, prayed, and went on mission with us. It’s getting to be back together with you guys that makes us so excited for the next phase: regathering.  

On July 12, we will be regathering at both our Spring Hill and Columbia locations for services with adjusted service times.

9:30a and 11:15a 

9:30a only

We have been looking forward to the day we can welcome everyone home in a way that looks–and more importantly–feels like The Bridge, and after weeks of prayer and planning, we are ready to jump back into services together with a few minor adjustments. 

DISCLAIMER: As we all have seen, conditions of the coronavirus can change quickly. These policies are in place and current as of July 7, 2020. Any updates to our plans to regather will be listed here.

 Please read through the General FAQs below as we prepare to come back together in our buildings.


1. What general health/safety modifications will take place? 

— Doors will remain propped open before and after services to reduce the need to touch common surfaces.
— Masks and hand sanitizer stations will be available around the lobby and ministry environments.
— Additional sanitization of common surfaces will take place before and after services.
— We will not have coffee to serve, but you are welcome to bring your own coffee or beverages from home.
— Giving will be facilitated digitally or by dropping gifts in the black boxes near the exit, and we will not pass buckets down the aisles.
— Check-In computers or iPads at Volunteer Check-In will be wiped down between guests. 


2. How are we limiting physical touch?  

In addition to the modifications listed above: 

— Staff and volunteers will be intentional about waving and fist-bumping instead of high-fives or hugs to limit contact with our church family members or guests who are continuing to socially distance.
— Resources such as giving envelopes or note pages will be limited or only available at a resource table for you to grab if needed.

3. Are masks or gloves required? 

Masks and/or gloves are not required, but encouraged. We recommend you research current CDC Guidelines and make decisions that feel comfortable for protecting yourself and your family. Staff and certain volunteer roles will use masks and gloves if close contact is necessary.  


4. Do we need to RSVP for seats in the auditorium, or sit at specific distances?

No RSVP for seating is required. If you are continuing to physically distance, we encourage you to find a space in our auditoriums that is less populated. We will keep all areas of the auditoriums open to allow for ample spacing. 


5. Will Bridge Kids be available for families?  

Bridge Kids will not re-open with services on July 12, as we feel with the recent surge in cases, the best way to safeguard the health and safety of our youngest church members is to keep them with their families just a bit longer. We will continue offering family-friendly services in our auditorium.

We will continue monitoring reports, as well as watching the local school systems in order to determine the best time to reopen Bridge Kids. Our Wellness Policy will be posted for families for complete visibility into the measures we are taking to protect our youngest church members. However, if you are more comfortable to keep your children with you during services, we will continue offering family-friendly services in our main auditorium once Bridge Kids reopens.  

For more information on Bridge Kids, subscribe to the Bridge Kids newsletter, or follow updates on their Facebook and Instagram pages for more information in the coming weeks.


6. Will Moms Rooms and Family Lounges be open? 

Moms Rooms and Family Lounges will be open during all services to accommodate our families. We will stock these areas with extra disinfectant products for your personal use, and these areas will be cleaned and sanitized between services. 


7. What if I’m serving on a team? 

If you are serving on a Ministry Team, THANK YOU! We will need all hands on deck to regather with our church family in July! Keep an eye out for an email or other communication from your Team Leaders or Coaches for guidelines specific to your ministry area. As a general rule of thumb, follow these guidelines:  

— Be prepared to limit physical touch with others, careful to limit initiating hand shakes, hug, or high-fives. This will be a courtesy to guests who are still taking precautions and make them feel welcome and cared for as they return with us.
— You are welcome to serve wearing a mask or gloves if you are more comfortable to do that. Check in with your ministry team leader if you have any questions or concerns. 


8. Will Intro To The Bridge be taking place? 

 Intro To The Bridge will remain online during the month of July. From what we know now, we plan to reopen the Intro To The Bridge environment during the month of August. 


9. Why the decision for July 12?  

We know that some people may feel that we’ve waited too long, and some people think we’re moving too fast. We made the decision for July 12 for a few reasons. 

We know many of you have been ready to be back in the building for weeks, as have we! The decision to wait came because our Columbia location meets inside of a high school, and we couldn’t resume services there until we got the approval of our partners at Columbia Central High School. Because we wanted to respect our partners in the community and have everyone who calls The Bridge home to gather together at one time, we waited until Columbia could be back in the building to resume at our normal locations. In the meantime, Pop-Up Sites were a way for us to gather while we waited, and we’ve loved being a church on the move in our community. 

We also know that many of you may feel that we’re moving too soon. The decision for July 12 was made both practically and prayerfully; based on the climate of the Coronavirus in our area and the recommendations of health officials, we feel comfortable to regather on July 12 with modifications in place for added safety. However, we know that everyone is adjusting and returning to social gatherings at a different pace–and that’s okay! In the meantime, if you are not ready to resume on July 12, we will be so excited to welcome you into our online services and continue to walk with you until you’re ready to come back.


10. Will other options to worship continue to be available?  

We will continue to serve the most vulnerable in our community by offering Bridge Online on Sundays at 9:30a, 11:15a, and 5p, as well as online content for kids. If you’re not ready to return in-person just yet, know that we love you and we’ll be ready to welcome you into worship, wherever you’re joining us from. 

We care about the health and safety of our entire church family. If you are experiencing any symptoms of illness, please stay home and join us for worship online!



If you have any additional questions or concerns, please email us at [email protected]