Intro to The Bridge

Intro to The Bridge

The best first step to get connected to who God is, what He is doing at The Bridge, and what He wants to do in your life.

Our Intro to The Bridge class, takes place the first Sunday of every month, at both locations.

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Intro to The Bridge

Intro to The Bridge is our four step process to help every person discover their calling.
The Four Step Process

Step One


Intro to The Bridge is where our pastors share our purpose, our structure, and how you get connected.

Step Two


In Step Two of Intro to The Bridge, we share about our culture and help give each person the tools necessary to grow in their faith in a way that connects them to the church

Step Three


In Step Three, we help each person discover their calling by finding a place to serve that matches their spiritual gifts, passions, and skills.

Step Four


In Step Four, we discuss membership at The Bridge and each person gets oriented on to a Ministry Team where they can begin their journey to make a difference for the kingdom of God.