4 Ways to Share the Load in Your Group
Post by Kris Dolberry on September 20, 2018

Group leader, do you feel like you’re in this alone? Like you're the only one preparing and doing all the work while everybody else shows up and enjoys the group experience? If you can relate, you’re most likely “carrying the whole load” of responsibility in your group.  While it’s true that as a group leader you have general oversight of the

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Why Should I Join a Group?
Post by Bethany Armstrong on August 22, 2018

Author - Jenna Goldsmith When we're young, making friends comes so easily, but as an adult there is actual effort that needs to take place to maintain friendships. We make excuses or make ourselves too busy. “Let’s get together sometime" turns into a game of tag that has no follow through. Why not follow through and get together with a group

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