Craig Mckown

Executive Pastor :: Staff Leadership

Stone Meyer

Executive Pastor of Worship and Creative

Kris Dolberry

Campus Pastor | Spring Hill

Sam Featherstone

Campus Pastor | Columbia

Shawn Allen

Operations Pastor

Chris Hollomon

Pastor of Spring Hill Ministries

Kristoff Hart

Communications Director

Bethany Armstrong

Project Manager

Judd Smith

Facilities Director

Charlie George

Student Ministry Director | Spring Hill

Jeremiah Wright

Video Coordinator

Rachel Kierstead

People Operations Coordinator

Bill Buckingham

Connections Director | Spring Hill

Justin Crutchfield

Production Director

Brad Davis

Creative Director

Jordan West

Facilities Coordinator

Holly Marcario

Kids Volunteer Coordinator | Spring Hill

Lauren Walker

Operations Coordinator

Angie Woolf

Connections Coordinator

Joey Jacob

Production Specialist

Andy Walker

Music Director

Julie Brierley

Campus Assistant | Spring Hill

Kellie Besch

Student & Kids Worship Coordinator

Trent Linville

Financial Strategy & Operations Director

Angie Brady

Contributions and Database Admin

Gregorio Rosa

Creative Resident

Noel Wright

Worship Resident

Hannah Beadle

Kids Resident