About the No More Fatherless Initiative

“I am a father to the fatherless.”

Psalm 68:5

It's stunning what God has done through The Bridge in these last years. We've grown from 12 people on a living room couch, to 3,000 people across 2 campuses. This year over 4,600 people gathered in Easter services, we crossed the $1 million mark given away to world missions, and saw over 1,000 salvations through Bridge ministry and missions. But we believe the Spirit is placing a unique calling on our church — the elimination of physical fatherlessness through adoption and spiritual fatherlessness through salvation. In the fall of 2017, we launched the No More Fatherless initiative to press into this calling.


Our Vision



20 Churches Planted

With your help, we will fully fund missionaries from The Bridge to plant over 20 churches in South and Central America within the next 3 years. We have seen God do immeasurably more than we asked or expected- we have seen over 680 churches planted in Central and South America through our missions partners that has resulted in over 12,000 people making decision for Christ.



50 Children Adopted

With your help, we will form a No More Fatherless adoption grant that will help the next 50 families seeking adoption in our church see it through to reality. $15,000 in grants have been given to Bridge families to help fund adoptions with 10 more Bridge families in the initial stages of the adoption process. For more info on the No More Fatherless Grant contact connect@bridge.tv Click Here to complete the initial No More Fatherless Grant Application.


Unborn Lives Saved

200 Unborn Lives Saved

With your help, we have paid off the mortgage of the Pregnancy Centers of Middle Tennessee, eliminating a burden for them that will enable them to save over 200 unborn lives per year from abortion. 34 families have been served plus 214 returning for prenatal, parenting, and budgeting classes at the Pregnancy Centers of Middle Tennessee.


Adopted By God

10,000 Adopted By God

With your help, we are approaching the opening this Fall of our 1,100-seat auditorium, additional Kids and Student space, and parking for expanded ministry, setting us up to see over 10,000 people adopted by God in the coming years through The Bridge.