Our Code

It is possible to deny with our culture what we declare with our message. As a church, we've decided we're going to create the following gospel culture to be a living testament to our gospel message.

The following are the who-we-are values that drive our what-we-do ministry decisions...

Gospel Centrality

Our symbol is a cross, not a ladder. We preach good news, not good advice. Our message to the world is “it is finished,” not “get to work!”

We Breathe Grace

We will NEVER deny with our culture what we declare with our message. As we inhale grace from God, we will exhale grace toward people.

Courageous Vulnerability

We are done pretending and performing because in Christ we're already approved.

Ambitions as big as God’s Promises

We are faith-led, bet-the-farm risk-takers.
 We will never insult God with small thinking and safe living.

Joyful Generosity

We truly believe it's more blessed to give than receive. It is an honor to sacrifice for Jesus and his church.

happy people in front of food truck
Welcome Home

Our attitude toward returning sinners isn't a judgmental, “Where have you been?” It's a joyful, “Welcome home.” We are a church where you can belong before you believe.

Missional Aggression

Because heaven and hell are real, the church doesn't just exist for us. WE. ARE. THE. CHURCH. AND WE EXIST FOR THE WORLD.

We Laugh Loud, Hard, and Often

We are as glad as the tomb is empty. 
Let us eat, drink, and be merry for yesterday we were dead!

We do more by doing less

We believe we will have a greater gospel impact by doing a few things well than by doing more things poorly.

Leadership Behaviors

The culture we create is more important than the vision that we cast. The culture of The Bridge is the “secret sauce!” The highest priority of every Bridge leader is to carry culture; building and guarding the culture on our teams.

We have figured out that our culture is not something that can be taught, it has to be caught as we onboard our teams!

Attractive Spirituality

The undeniable quality that you can only have when you walk with God that attracts people to God.

Reject Good for Great

God gave us his very best and we should want to bring our best before the Lord, not wanting things to simply be “good enough.” We should always be looking for ways to make the good things we do great.

Hone your craft

If one chooses to stop learning, by default they have chosen to stop leading.

Bleed For The Bride

Having a tangible, transferrable passion and excitement for the "Bride of Christ", the church. As much as we want our people to be excited about their local church, we want them to be even more excited for what Christ is doing in the whole church.

Honor up, down, and all around

Romans 12:10 says, “outdo one another in showing honor.” We want a culture where it feels very normal for encouraging words and honor to happen.

Laugh Loud, Hard, and Often

Having fun and enjoying serving God because we have more reason to rejoice than anyone, the tomb is empty!

Do Whatever it takes

The willingness to put the mission of God and the church as a whole above their own values, preferences, and desires.