The Bridge Church May 21, 2018

4 Ways to End This Season of Community Groups Well

Congratulations Group Leaders! You made it to the end of this season of community groups. Thank you for being such an integral part of our church’s ministry! We’d love to hear more about the life transformation that has taken place. More on that in a second. In the mean time here are 4 ways to end this season well:


1) Join A Summer Group

I’m sure you’ve seen it in your group– there is a deep and abiding thirst in our church family to drink deeply of the richness of theology and gospel-living. Summer Groups will provide you with an opportunity for a deeper dive into those waters. These groups will meet on Monday and Tuesday nights throughout the month of June. We encourage you, if possible, to join a summer group all-together. Visit to sign up or find out more.


2) Have A Party

While Community Groups will not be meeting for Bible study, you may still choose to get together for a cookout or a pool party. That’s awesome. Parties are a great time to practice the triad of leadership by empowering group members to help with details, bring the food, etc. This would be a great time to celebrate the “God stories” from this season of your group.


3) Make A Plan

Now is the time to make your plans for what you will do next. Will you continue as a group when we start back up in the fall? Will you do a service project together this summer? Is there a group member you can invest in a more intentional way throughout the summer? Is your group healthy enough to launch a new group? Here are a few important dates that will help you formulate your plan:

  • May 20 | Last Leader Guide for this Season
  • June 4 | Summer Groups Begin
  • July – August | Season of Rest (childcare link no longer available)
  • July 1 | Food Trucks and Fireworks
  • July 17, 24, 31 | 21 Days of Prayer
  • July 28 | Love My City Saturday
  • August 26 | Fall Community Groups Connect

4) Reject Good For Great

As you probably know, this is one of our leadership behaviors at The Bridge. Since God gave His best for us, we should always be looking for ways to make the good things we do great. That endeavor takes all of us! So, please take a sec to answer a few short questions to help us continue to pursue the great in our Community Groups at the Bridge. Also, this is the place to tell us more about how you’ve seen God transform lives in your group!!


Click here for the survey.


THANK YOU for creating an environment that brings people together so they can find freedom through a relationship with Jesus. Well done!