The Bridge Church December 18, 2019

3 Things I Learned About Our Church on Sunday

What a day Bridge fam. The soft launch of our Spring Hill expansion was incredible! Though I could list dozens of reasons each week that I love you and am so proud of our church, I learned 3 things Sunday that stand above the rest:

1. A wave is starting

In my 20 years of ministry, I’ve seen it over and over again: when revival begins to sweep through a student ministry, it affects the whole church. We often say it this way, “The wave starts in the student section.” Guys, that is happening here!

On Sunday there was a group of about 20 of our Bridge Students sitting on the first couple of rows in the 11:15 service. They call themselves the Trench Team. Maybe you saw them? They started standing and clapping before the service even started! They were singing so loud, I could hear them backstage. And, with their amens, come-ons, and applause, they helped me preach that sermon!

Ride the wave, Bridge fam! Follow the lead of our students. Do your part to lead our church in worship by clapping, singing, responding to the sermon. You have no idea how much it helps a preacher and lifts the faith of those around you to hear that kind of response during a sermon.

2. Your generosity is unmatched

On Sunday a young boy who looked to be about 12 came up to me in the lobby and said, “Pastor Kris, I want you to know I gave all of the money I had- $40 to the offering.” I was blown away! It reminded me that joyful generosity is the heartbeat of our church.

I’ve never seen a more generous church than you! You blow me away time after time with the numerous ways you are generous not only with your financial resources, but also with your time and your talents. I saw that in a few incredible ways not only on Sunday but throughout the week:

  1. Dozens of you were generous with your time and gave hundreds of man-hours to help us transition the Spring Hill building over from the old space to the new in 1 WEEK! We couldn’t have done it without you!!
  2. You have exceeded our expectations in your giving to the No More Fatherless Year End Offering. You see the vision of starting 20 churches in South America, helping rescue unborn lives, bringing orphans home to their forever families, and reaching 10k people and beyond!
  3. I heard that a few of our Bridge Groups are working with Joy Fitterer, our Missions Director, to provide Christmas gifts and meals for several families who without your help, wouldn’t have those things. (If you’d like to help, email [email protected])

3. You made room!

We asked those of you at our Spring Hill location to do something uncomfortable on Sunday. Anticipating large crowds, we asked our host team to be more proactive than usual in helping you find a seat. We wanted to be sure every seat was filled so that we could make room for the large crowds we were praying for.Even though we were nearly at capacity at 9:30, you helped us make room to get everyone in. So I want to say THANK YOU! for being willing to be a little uncomfortable to make room for a guest to have a seat to hear the gospel!

In growing churches, the trigger point for opening a new service is 80% capacity. Because God’s hand of favor is on our church, and we saw hundreds more people this Sunday than the previous week, we were beyond that mark. That means we have no room for additional growth unless we open a third service.

So, beginning January 5, 2020, we will re-open the 8am service in Spring Hill.

Here’s what I need from you: I need 302 of you to say, “I’ll make room” by committing to test drive the 8am service for 6 months.

If your family is willing to take the shortest mission trip you’ll ever take… to the 8am service, Click HERE to let me know.


Love you Bridge fam! I can’t wait to see you Sunday!