3 Next Steps Every Group Member Should Take

3 Next Steps Every Group Member Should Take
Post by bridge-church on December 3, 2019

The role of every group leader at The Bridge is to help each group member move one step in their faith throughout the season.

The role of every group leader at The Bridge is to help each group member move one step in their faith throughout the season. What that doesn’t mean is that it is your responsibility to take your members from being atheists to missionaries in one year or less. That’s not the case at all. Spiritual maturity is about speedy obedience, and the pace for spiritual growth is about moving ahead one obedient baby step at a time.

The best group leaders are those who’ve mastered the skill of helping their people identify what those “next steps” are. Below are three steps to encourage each of your group members to take throughout this season:

1. Growth Track

Growth Track is the best way to get connected at The Bridge and discover who God made you to be. Intro to the Bridge is step 1 of the Growth Track and takes place the first Sunday of every month. If you have group members who’ve not been through the Growth Track, help them take that step; even offer to go with them. Click here to help someone take that step.

2. Baptism

If a member of your group has accepted Christ but has not participated in meaningful baptism, help them take that next step. The Bible clearly teaches that baptism is the first step of obedience after making a commitment to Jesus Christ. Our next Baptism Sunday is December 2nd. Click here to sign-up.

3. Serving on a Ministry Team

Your Group is made up of incredible people hoping to discover their gifts and passions and to actively serve in them. From creating a “Welcome Home” environment serving with Connections, to leading the next generation to Jesus by serving with Bridge Students, to changing young lives in Bridge Kids, to becoming an apprentice leader for a Group … the Bridge has so many opportunities for them to jump in and serve. Visit brdgchrchfull.wpengine.com/volunteer

Take steps as a group together. Nothing encourages people to action like peer pressure! Because, if everyone else is doing it—why not?

Celebrate. Celebrate your group members when you catch them doing something right. Doing so encourages those who have taken steps, and it encourages others to start taking steps.

Share stories. People are impacted by stories. Real-life examples of life change will inspire members to want to experience the same. Consider having someone in your group share a Next Step story each week when you meet together.

Invest in relationships. People will do anything for a good friend. And people are more likely to take on a challenge from a good friend. Building relationships and trust with your group members will make your challenges to them more effective.

We’re with you. If we can help you as you lead, don’t hesitate to reach out!